About us

Leader Asset Management (Leader AM) is the largest management company in Russia in terms of assets under management. Participation of Leader AM in the largest projects in energy, telecommunications, infrastructure, financial and space industries allowed to form a deep industrial expertise and a wide network of business contacts.

One of the Company's business lines is investments in high-tech projects with a large potential for growth in capitalization. The projects are financed from the funds of the closed-end unit investment fund for high-risk (venture) investments – Leader-Innovations. The Fund is managed by the Venture Division that has been established within Leader AM.

The key investment areas of the Leader-Innovations are the energy and petrochemical industries, modern microelectronics, IT and telecommunications. When selecting investment projects, the team is guided not only by the standard parameters of the evaluation, but also by the potential for future synergies of the strategic interests of the portfolio companies and business partners of Leader AM.