We invest in innovative companies that conform to the following criteria – significant potential for economic growth, qualified and motivated team, scalable technology and clear path to exit for investor. Our investment in one company ranges from 50 to 300 million rubles.


We think that success is achieved by the teams with strong industry experience that can find new solutions under pressure, if the initial product hypothesis proved wrong. You can send us your business plan by email and we will get back to you. In writing a business plan you can find useful our preferred business plan format.


Innovations can happen in any area of science and industry. We focus on industrial and energy innovations, advanced chemicals and petrochemicals, novel materials as well as technology, media and telecommunications. We are positioned to support their development.


Development of strategic partnership with leading industrial companies is a critical component of our investment strategy. We perform a significant part of innovation function for our partners, including sourcing of appealing for our partners technologies.