Value added

We strive to share with our portfolio companies our expertise and competencies, as well as to form the infrastructure for the most successful development in the following areas:

Operational efficiency of companies

  • Improving customer conversion rates
  • Employee incentive programs, KPI assessment
  • Implementation of task-management systems, CRM

Access to technology

  • Developed relationships with leading technological clusters (MIPT, MSU, NSU)
  • Attraction of technological visionaries

Analysis of markets and analytics

  • Involvement of experts in the examination of foreign markets
  • Analysis of products of competitors and analogs
  • Pricing strategy
  • The possibility of receiving feedback and consulting from managers of major companies
  • Strategy of formation of sales channels

Recruiting and attracting talents

  • Working with headhunters
  • A wide network of contacts of forceful managers with well-developed business acumen and founders of companies

M&A and investment activity

  • Finding targets for mergers
  • Negotiating support: commercial, legal, tax
  • Attracting subsequent rounds of investments
  • A wide network of business contacts in the investment industry

Exit from business

  • Organization of the process of negotiations with potential buyers
  • Promotion of portfolio companies among the investment community
  • Consulting on financial reporting under US GAAP, IFRS
  • Business contacts with leading investment banks and boutiques
  • Legal and other support


  • Meetings with founders and management teams of portfolio companies of the Fund with the purpose of sharing competences, knowledge, business contacts